Success Stories

Thank you so much for giving us the right tools to help us be the parents that are able to help our children thrive, and aid us in raising our girls to be happy well-adjusted kids. From the first few minutes of our first phone call to the last, Maria stepped right in asking the right questions that addressed the issues head-on and guided me to think of the solutions and steps necessary to get the results I envisioned. Not only did Maria help with my concerns about parenting, but she helped to self reflect on my life to better every aspect of it. She was flexible with her schedule, always available for us, trustworthy, dependable and more importantly, she regularly encouraged us that we were doing the right thing for our daughter and for our family.

–  Mom of 2, Montreal, Canada

We worked with Maria Sanders over the course of several weeks when we could no longer cope with our 5 year old's behavior after a new baby, a recent move, and a new school. Maria is a true professional with an incredible ability to guide parents throughout the process of adjusting their behavior and home environment to better help their child. She helped us develop strategies to handle our own frustrations, which in turn helped our son and family tremendously.

Her coaching has been invaluable and our lives have been transformed. We cannot recommend her enough to any family who needs to work through a challenging situation. She is warm and friendly but also highly experienced and full of great ideas. We looked forward to our weekly calls so much and talking to her felt like talking to a friend. We give her our highest endorsement!

– M. & L. Parker - Montvale, NJ

When I came to Maria for some guidance, I was feeling despondent. I wasn't new to this parenting gig with 2 kids aged 2 and 9, but I was struggling. The challenges were with sleeping schedules, finding time for both my kids, weaning, you name it! Most importantly, I was also forgetting to take care of the caretaker!

Maria had helped me once before when my 9 year old was small and had speech delays. Her style was so nurturing and yet firm with him. I really appreciated her way of working and knew her to be a trusted advisor.

First, we worked together to create some goals. They were a mixed bag - some specific and others more general, but with Maria's help I learned to break them down into manageable actions. Maria helped me identify this hurdle and soon I felt empowered and encouraged to achieve these goals. Before working with Maria, I was just overwhelmed by them. It only took a few short months, but by the end I had crossed everything off my list, and it felt wonderful.
Maria is a compassionate, skilled and empathetic coach who I would highly recommend to everyone looking for parenting help.

– Jane, mom of 2

As a member of our school's leadership team in charge of community building, I am delighted to say that Maria's presentation was well received by the school community.  Maria Sanders gave me the insight to connect with my children on a deeper level and encouraged me to look beneath the surface at the root cause of some of the unique challenges we face as parents.  Having two children with very different personalities, I feel refreshed and motivated to continue strengthening the bonds between the whole family and coming up with solutions that work for everyone.  Her talks a must listen for parents of children of all ages.  I also found some of the tools I learned to carry over to everyday life and connecting with one's spouse.  Thanks Maria!

                                                                           - Wendy, Union Congregational Nursery School, Leadership team


The parents of St. James Preschool were so lucky to learn from Maria’s thoughtful and candid presentation.  It was filled with real world examples that provided tangible tools for more peaceful relationships with our young children.

                                                                        - Elizabeth, Parent and School Board Member, St. James Preschool